Monday, January 18, 2010

2010: Trending to Simple and Sustainable?

The most recent issue of Marketing magazine forecast the top five trends in food for 2010. I think the list is really interesting because it shows a shift in mainstream culture in relationship with food. Here's a summary:

1) Butcher rules: Expect a renewed interest in local meat and local butchers and people increasingly want to know where their food is coming from.

2) Fair Trade: Interest in fair trade food continues to rise despite a downward trend in organic foods.

3) Relaxation foods: Calming after-dinner digestifs and products to help people unwind will start replacing energy drinks.

4) Sense of simplicity: The economic downtown is creating nostalgia for simpler times and food, which is driving an interest in natural foods.

5) Serving nostalgia: Chefs and restaurants are returning to simpler, pure ingredients.

So what do you think: Are these trends that we'll see in the coming year?

Source: Rebecca Harris. Pass the Locally Sourced Bacon. Marketing Magazine (Rogers Media). January 18, 2010.


Lindsay Davis said...

Interesting indeed.
Energy drinks are for the birds! I think this is a natural turn towards something real. Scary outbreaks are forcing people to look for more natural sources and why not local? We all know it's going to taste better anyway, not to mention all the other positive factors.

Amanda said...

I haven't even tried any of the energy drinks out there. I simply can't believe any of them taste better than a nicely brewed pot of tea or coffee... the original energy drink.