Monday, April 27, 2009

Decay Glorious Decay

First there was recycling. Now there is composting. We know we should be doing it, but for many of us, owning our own composting system is just not feasible. Either we don't have the yard, the space, or sometimes, even the lifestyle.

Don't despair, curbside composting is here!

If you don't have a composter, Compost Montreal will happily pick up your kitchen waste for $5 per week and deliver it to one of Montreal's composting sites. They supply you with a compost bucket lined with a compostable bag. On the specified evening, simply leave it on your front porch and they'll take care of the rest. In the spring, if you want to receive finished compost for your own garden, let them know and they'll deliver it to you.

The service is available to businesses and residents in the NDG, Plateau Mont Royal, Mile End, Outremont, St-Henri and Rosemont neighbourhoods.

Just about any vegetable and garden waste can be composted, as well as shredded newspaper, paper towels, pet fur, bread, coffee filters, coffee grounds, tea bags and more. For a more complete list on the Compost Montreal site, click here.

Alternatively, if you want to try your hand at composting yourself, you can order a variety of composters from your local eco-quartier and some major home improvement centres.

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A. Hiscock said...

That's fantastic news!